From boredom to excitement.

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From boredom to excitement.

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At our present time, the highly used entertainment for young and young-at-hearts are video games. Playing video games became part of our everyday lives. Video games started from simple games, gamers do not need to be online, but now, most of the video games that are trending need an access on the internet, video games have truly evolved. Video games can be played through console, pc and mobiles, maybe this is one of the reason why the number of video gamers have increased. Learn about elo boost on

In 2015, ‘League of Legend’ ranked as number 1 pc or video game. And prior to 2015, within a month, over 60 million played League of Legends across the globe.

League of Legends (abbreviated as LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA, it was first played in 2009. It is a 3D MOBA game, consists of game modes that are played by a team. This team will play together to attain victory.Every player of a team controls character known as champion. Every match or game starts at low level and during the match, they can obtain their maximum level. The level of champions let them unlock their special abilities, the level of champions is different from the player’s level.

The release of League of Legends in 2009 was really a bang. Until the present time, League of Legends continues to be popular all over the world. Compared to other multiplayer online battle arena game, League of Legends has an easier gameplay, this maybe the reason why LoL is being loved by many online players.

From 1950s, where video games first be known from now, indeed, there are big changes. But the heart of players or gamers for video games do not change. Video games or computer games give our boring spare time an exciting activity.