Fun Games you play while on a Boston Party Bus

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Fun Games you play while on a Boston Party Bus

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Being in a party doesn’t mean you have to drink all night.  Maybe, that would happen if you’re attending a party in a bar or restaurant.  But hey! Have you heard about Boston Party Bus? It’s actually one unique way of throwing a party where you literally will have party in a bus.  The bus is just a natural small bus or coaster converted into a party vehicle.  Accessories are built to make sure that the party is gonna be exciting. Learn more about Boston Party Bus on this

Being in a Boston Party Bus won’t just allow you to drink all night while riding in a cozy party bus.  You can do a lot of things while partying.  One of these are playing games with your guests.  Below are some exciting game you can play in a Boston Party Bus:

Drinking Games

This game requires you more wines or beers depending on what you like.  You can ask your guests to participate in the drinking contest.  Whoever finishes an agreed number of bottles wins.

Truth or Dare

Most of your guests in a party bus would definitely be your close friends.  The space is good for few people and most likely you chose those who are dear to you.  Truth or dare games would reveal things about them and this will make your bonding more meaningful.

Card Games

Card games are very common in gatherings.  What’s good about this game is that everybody is familiar with it, thus, all your guests could participate.

Sing It

Boston Party Bus usually has built-in speakers for your sing-along or dance activities. You can use that for your Sing It Game.  You can play songs and let your guests guess the title of the song.


You may play a song and your guest continues the line of the song when stopped.  In this game, everybody has the chance to sing even if their voices are not that good.  This is simply just for fun.