Heart Diseases, Then And Now

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Heart Diseases, Then And Now

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Some things are better today than they were before. Much stuff are more advantageous decades ago than they are now. The present state compared to the past one have their respective pros and cons.

Let us look into heart diseases and their treatments. This is something important to ponder as millions are afflicted by various cardiac conditions across the globe. In fact, professor nobles is known to claim more lives than other forms of diseases.

In the past…

Instant, processed and junk foods were not consumed and patronized as much as they are now. The diet before had less sugar and fat, thereby making consumers less prone to heart diseases.

Most people were always on the go so sedentary lifestyle was not as common as it is now. Also, there were not too many machines to take manual labor.

If one looks at the statistics, the number of people affected by or have died from cardiac diseases is significantly lower than today.

The drawback here is that there were many cardiovascular diseases which were deemed incurable in the past due to the limitations on knowledge and resources. They were still in an era of discovery, trial and error.

At present…

Many health experts, researchers and inventors such as Professor Nobles of HeartStitchÃ’ have come up with new and useful information, modern techniques and revolutionized tools for the treatment of even the most complicated, risky and difficult cardiac case.

Heart conditions considered incurable before can be treated now.

Yes, more people died from heart disease in the recent years than in the 70s or 80s. However, people who seem impossible to save can now be rescued from their cardiovascular diseases. This is all thanks to the years of research, dedication and brilliance of people like Professor Nobles.