Understanding the Different Types of Buddhism

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Understanding the Different Types of Buddhism

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Buddhism is a very complex religion and their teachings are being practiced by millions of people worldwide. Buddhists may be divided into different types but there is no single report that they fought each other. Buddhists are peace lovers and their beliefs should be studied and practiced by everyone even if not really a Buddhist because it can really create a wonderful society.

This religion was founded by Gautama Siddharta between 563-483 BC. This founder was a prince who had seen a lot of sufferings when he wandered for many years. When he found the enlightenment, he became the Shakyamuni Buddha. www.oneminddharma.com has more information on the Understanding the different types of buddhism.

Hinayana Buddhism
This type of Buddhism was first practiced in India but it has disappeared because of Islam invasion and the popularity of Hinduism. This type is still being practiced in Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia countries like Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Cambodia.This Buddhism type is considered the elite one and is more of a philosophy rather than a religion. They believe that an individual is the one responsible in creating his own destiny.

Mahayana Buddhism
This Buddhism type is mainly practiced in the North like Japan, China, Mongolia, and Nepal. This type was established around 100 BC. This type has the concept of little helpers or Bodhisattvas. These are considered saviors because they are individuals who had received enlightenment. They guide and help others with their compassion.

Vajrayana Buddhism
This type is also called Tibetan Buddhism or Tantric Buddhism. This type of Buddhism had a lot of development. It is a combination of Buddhist beliefs, gurus, saints, historic figures, and mythological tales. This type also has the aspect of clericalism. They have a lot of monks and nuns that help spread the greatness of Buddhism and combining it to the Tibetan culture.