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If you want to own a Buddhist statue, then a variety of designs of statues are available for you to choose from.  Showcasing different stages of Buddha’s life, Buddhist statues should be properly placed in your home such that the different elements can positively work in your life.

With the different meanings of the Buddha statues, choosing the right version and style conducive for you will enhance your capabilities in your life.  Here are a few important advices before buying a Buddhist statue. Click here to know more about buddhist statues site oneminddharma.com.


As each Buddhist statue has different sizes and poses, these statues of Buddha have different significance inside your home as well.  Although the Buddhist statues add a different element in your homes, it is still proper to place a Buddhist statue appropriately.  If you are using the Buddhist statue as a form of meditation, then putting the statue of Buddha in the prayer room is the most appropriate way.  Otherwise, if you want to put it somewhere else, it is still imperative to put it where it can be respected.

Some advices as to the placement of the Buddha statues are as follows:

  • Never place the Buddhist statue directly on the floor. It is very disrespectful if Buddhist statues are placed on the floor. Always place the Statue of Buddha on top of the table.
  • To attract positive energy inside your home, put the Buddhist statue facing the front door. The Buddhist statue will attract all the negative energies whilst absorbing the positive ones.
  • If you use an outdoor Buddhist statue, make sure that the Buddhist statue faces towards your home. This is to add prosperity in all aspects in your household.

An exact depiction of Buddha, Buddhist statues should be well taken care of when placed in the house.  If you want to purchase a Buddhist statue, always make sure that the quality of your statue is of the highest standard.  To get the best Buddhist statue, visit One Mind Dharma online for its high-quality statues.