Dog Training Methods

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Dog Training Methods

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There are a various methods of animal trainings, each with its believers and criticizers; there are some better known dog training procedures which include the Koehler method, the clicker training, the motivational training, the electronic training, the model-rival training, the dominance-based training, and the relationship-based training. Knowing the animals’ personality and characteristics, and knowing the accurate timing for the reinforcements and punishments, plus constant communication would lead to successful methods of training dogs. Learn about Dog Trainer in Chorley on dogharmony.

Koehler Method

The Koehler method uses the Action, Memory and Desire pattern of training; the actions made by the dog will be remembered with the corresponding consequence that comes with the action, from there the dog would be able to decide or forms the desire to which actions to repeat and which are to avoid

Motivational Training

Motivational training or purely positive method uses the rewards to reinforce or teach positive behavior, and ignores all negative behavior. It is said to be based in Thorndike’s Law of Effect, that says actions that produced positively and given rewards tend to increase the desire to repeat the action and actions that do not give rewards would decrease the frequency of the action.

Clicker Training

Clicker-training is a method using a metal cricket that promotes a positive reinforcement training method based on operant conditioning. The word ‘clicker’ came from a small metal cricket adapting a child’s toy which the trainer uses to mark the desired or wanted behavior to be done by the done; however, some dog trainers would use a whistle, a word, or a light as the conditioned reinforcer.

There are more training methods that an owner can use in order to make their dog obedient, If you would be in England for example in Chorley, it is better to find dog trainings in Chorley that are conducted by dog trainers. Dog trainers in Chorley may also use the above mentioned methods in order to train dogs, however it still depends on the country or place you live in.