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To create a good dragon name is not a very easy thing to do. Dragons are known to be powerful, strong and fearsome mythical creature thus their name should always match their features and characteristics.


The name “dragon” has its own origin as well. It is believed to originate from two different words. They said that it comes from the Latin word “draconem” which means huge serpent and Greek word drakon which means serpent or giant sea fish.
Dragons are mostly believed in the countries like India, China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Europe, and United States and all of them have their own interpretation and representation of what a dragon looks like. They also have their own reasons for why they do believe in this creature though it is not proven that it existed.


The best place to search for the best dragon name generator is undeniably the site Fantasy Names. The dragon names generator site provides a variety of selection of cool, chic, and attractive dragon names that you will surely love and like. This generator of dragon names creates a name that can be personalized or randomly generated. The dragon names it suggests are mostly based on the characteristics of your dragon and the personality of the owner. This way, they can be certain that the name will suit the feature of the dragon and will also capture the attention of the dragon owner. Having a good name of a dragon is the coolest thing to ever have.

Aside from dragon names, the website can also generate other name varieties such as fairies, dwarfs, elf even bridges, islands, airports, lakes, farm, casino, beaches and jungle. You may want to try it immediately and see what will be the best dragon name for you.