Unassisted way of Smoking Cessation

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Unassisted way of Smoking Cessation

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According to statistics in 2015, 1 of every 5 deaths in United States was caused by cigarette smoking. This might be the reason why seventy percent of smokers want to quit. You can find more details on stop smoking aids on the site filtrim.com.

Quitting to cigarette smoking is hard for some people who have been dependent and addicted to it, they say that when they are trying to stop, they feel unease, this is because of the nicotine in the cigarettes. Nicotine is addictive, the ‘unease’ they feel while trying to stop is one of the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Other symptoms are nicotine cravings, irritability and even depression.

There is a process of discontinuing cigarette smoking known as smoking cessation. It can be done with or without assistance. This article will focus on smoking cessation without assistance.

Quitting smoking without assistance is known as ‘Cold Turkey’, this is the most common smoking cessation. According to a survey, 74% of smokers trying to quit use this method. The rate of success through Cold Turkey really depends on the discipline and motivation of the people trying it.

The following are suggested ways to quit smoking without assistance:

Cut down to quit- this way can be done through gradual change in the level of nicotine intake. People who will try this must reduce the number of cigarettes taken each day or they can still take their normal number of cigarettes each day but they will not smoke the whole stick of it, maybe 1/4 of a stick.

Set a plan- people starting to quit smoking may set dates or routines that are applicable to their habits. For a working smoker, they can set their day-off as their no smoking day.

There are lot of ways how to end addiction to tobacco or cigarettes. But the result will only depend on the person doing it.