Q. How long have you been in business?
A.LVProductions has been in business since 2002.
Q. Why should I have my wedding day professionally videotaped?
A.  On your wedding day, there are no second takes. A wedding is full of sights, sounds and motion than can’t be captured in a photograph. After all of the work that you have put into planning the day of your life, let us work to provide you with a perfect memory of that day.
Q. Do you produce business and online videos or only film weddings and social events?
A.  While we got our start crafting memorable wedding and event videos, LVProductions can also produce impactful Business Videos and Online Content that helps you connect with your target audience.
Q. Why should I choose your company to videotape my wedding?
A.  By having us videotape your wedding, you get the benefits of an experienced professional wedding videographer. You will have peace of mind knowing that you will be getting professional video, audio, and editing equipment to give you the outstanding picture and audio quality that your wedding day deserves.
Q. I have watched some videos where the sound was very poor. What makes your audio better?
A.  Audio is maybe even more important than video. When you watch a movie, 60% of what you actually see is heard. We take great effort to ensure that you get fantastic audio. You can be assured, that by employing wireless audio, top of the line audio recorders, and discretely placed microphones, your video will have outstanding audio clarity.
A.  I feel it is very important to attend the rehearsal. When at your rehearsal I am able to see how the ceremony will proceed, so I can plan my audio and video shots accordingly, and avoid such problems as having an attendant block my view of the couple during the vows.
Q. Why do we need to obtain rights to use the music in my video?
A.  Legally, all copyrighted music must have the approval by the owner in order to be used. There is now a wealth of fantastic royalty free music that we now have access to create your video. To prevent any legal issues, we only use royalty-free music that is custom-designed or music that we can obtain the rights to. The client assumes all responsibility for use of all music.