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Professional Video Production Maryland Businesses Trust

Businesses from Washington D.C. to Frederick MD to Fairfax VA (and all points in-between) trust LVProductions to help them craft a narrative that will leave their audiences feeling connected, excited, and ready to take action.

Tell your Story

Storytelling is a commercial tool of extraordinary magnitude. The difference between every failed ad campaign and every successful one can be found in the ability of the storyteller to connect with the audience. At best, a failed story is quickly forgotten. At worst, it leaves a sour note in the mind of the target audience, a stigma permanently attached to your brand. Our professional storytellers will sit down with the people who make your business tick, from the top levels of management down to the rank-and-file who put in the long hours, until we fully understand everything that makes your product/service and brand unique.


Experts are fond of saying that 90% of communication is non-verbal. In other words, text, be it on a page or on a screen, loses most of what makes us feel connected to the person on the other end. By contrast, a professionally produced video brings tone of voice, body language, eye contact, and most of the perfectly natural context that gets lost with the translation into pure text. LVProductions specializes in capturing all of these aspects; our corporate videos are made to bring the viewer into the story—to make them feel it in a way that will stick with them. Whatever your narrative, LVP will bring it to life.