In order to create a story that best connects you with your audience, we need to make sure that we understand your needs, purpose for the video, and develop a strategy that is both efficient as well as creative. To do this we have developed a 7 step process that ensures that the final product meets both ours as well as your expectations.

Creative Kickoff

One of the first steps we take is to get together with your team and hold a creative kickoff meeting. We take this opportunity to discuss the scope of your project, such as project background, target audience, content and assets needed, logistics of the shoot, as well as project timelines.

Idea Development

We now take the notes from the Creative Kickoff meeting and start the process of developing ideas for your video.  From this we create an outline for your story which shows you the look and messaging that you’re aiming to achieve. We will also share all of the the necessary requirements needed to execute each concept, and presents it to you in the form of a project schedule.

Production Preparation

After you have agreed on the Idea Development we start preparations for everything needed for your shoot. It’s here that we identify your talent, scout and make arrangements for appropriate shoot locations, gather all necessary staff and equipment, and develop a timeline of events detailing each day of filming.

 Edit Process

Once all the assets for your project are collected, we organize the media, search for music, begin the development of special effects, and incorporate voiceover (if necessary) for the Rough Edit (1st Draft). The rough edit provides your team with the opportunity to provide us with feedback and ensures that your video meets your team’s expectations. After you review your rough edit, we go to work on the Secondary Edit (2nd Draft). The secondary edit incorporates your feedback from the rough edit and addresses any necessary changes to the video, confirms the music selection, and graphic treatments.

 Final Edit

At his stage in the edit process, there isn’t much left to do, except put the finishing touches on your project. The Final Edit will include all color correcting and audio sweetening, as well as all the finishing touches that really make your video shine like a diamond.


Well we’ve done it. We have created a masterpiece for you that will connect you with your audience. So it’s here that we write all the necessary files, burn Blu-rays and/or DVDs, and send them to you.