The Video Was AMAZING!
Woo Hoo! The video is amazing!  I’m sure you were expecting no less of a reaction from me.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve already watched it. Joe, my family, and I absolutely loved it. My Mom cried almost the entire way through because it was as if we were able to actually relive the day. All the clips from the highlight go perfectly with the song “It’s a Beautiful Day.” Joe and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. It was certainly worth the wait! Thank you again so much. It is sincerely priceless.   —Serena & Joe
I Can’t Tell You How Happy I Am…
Michael, I just had to write to you this evening to share a quick story.  I received a phone call from my mother who was watching the video in tears.  She told me that she would have to call me back later because she was enjoying it so much that she just couldn’t talk to me.  After a couple of hours she called back and said how wonderful the video was and how much they know I’ll enjoy it.  My mother plans to share it with my grandmother tomorrow. I’m now really looking forward to viewing it with Brad.Thank you again for all that you have done. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be able to share this with our families. You’ve captured this moment in time so well. Brad and I along with our parents appreciate all of your efforts, as you were truly a pleasure to work with.   —Melissa & Brad

Our Wedding Day is Captured Forever!
After watching our wedding video from Michael, we realized even more why it is so important to have your wedding captured on video. The day of your wedding goes so quickly and having it on video captures all of those important moments. When we watched the video, all of those emotions that I experienced that day came flooding back. It was such a special moment to watch the video with my husband. Michael did such a wonderful job and you didn’t even realize he was there at the wedding.We are sooooo happy with the results and now we have our wedding day captured forever!!!   —Ashley & Dave

I Am Absolutely Speechless!
I can’t believe this is only a preview of the opening.  I just sat here in my cube watching it for the first time crying my eyes out (in a good way). You got it . . . it felt just like I was there again. The music went perfectly . . . you worked in all those details I spent so long planning and making.Oh and One more thing . . . I love that you can hear my Mom’s “I’m so proud and happy” sigh we heard growing up, and I am so glad we have it recorded! Hearing the music say “it’ll be alright” as Dan’s grandmother walks down the aisle then hearing “man and wife” moments later as she sits next to her husband of 50+ years is awesome. It is so poignant since she is now in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease (but always knows her husband- she will look at him across the room and tell you “see that man there, he’s the love of my life”).

I’m starting to plan the viewing party now . . . this will be the best movie premier of the year!  🙂   —Rebecca C.

I’m So Glad We Hired a Videographer!
My husband wasn’t sold on having a videographer before the wedding. But after sitting down and watching the DVD that Michael produced for us he looked at me and said “You were right, I’m so glad we had a videographer.  I love the DVD and this will be so fun to share with friends, family and our future kids. There are great shots of everyone at the wedding, and lots of smiles and good times were captured – we couldn’t be more pleased!  Michael really does great, personalized & unique work, and his rates are fantastic – it’s the perfect package.Thanks again for all of your hard work.   —Tara & Jeff